Delayed Gratification, Part 3

Here are the last three best actions to take for your success.

5 Realize that Everything You Do Matters. People set goals and take actions, guessing that those actions will help. Generally, they do. Sometimes those actions help in unexpected ways. Sometimes it doesn’t appear to do anything useful. Sometimes I fall completely flat, but learn or practice something. Just keep focused on goals and choose actions that seem likely to get the results you want. All you can do is take your best guesses and try.

6 Realize that Everyone is Guessing. We’re all, at best, taking the actions that we guess will get the results we want. Forgive mistakes, learn from bad guesses or bad choices, and try again. No one has the answers at the back of the book. (This is not a dig at religion. If your faith offers help with guessing or forgiveness, super.) Give yourself permission to be wrong or fail sometimes, and that will take enough pressure off that you can try again.

7 Maintain Attitude. The best attitude to look at a new day is excitement at the challenge (and fun) a new day can bring. The best attitude at the end of a day is satisfaction that I made it count and did what I could to live in balance.

Of course, there are many more actions.

Of course, other people have said them differently (some better, I’m sure.)

Of course, strategy is easy, but tactics are hard.

Still, this is the best I’ve got, until I write a book on it or gain some more insight. I hope you find something useful or encouraging here today.

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2 Responses to Delayed Gratification, Part 3

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