Wedding and Flood

I’m late posting because my mom and I flew out to South Dakota for my sister’s wedding. For mom, going to see her only daughter’s marriage was a spiritual journey of bonding. For me, it was family vacation. Amanda and Travis planned an outdoor backyard wedding for Sunday at 1pm with no alternate location…. and it rained a lot. (Think arch, carpeted path, and something like 70 folding chairs, with pavilions near the shed for people to sit at tables for the reception.)

As you may know, Sioux Falls in June doesn’t usually get much rain. The great plains stay pretty dry, except for snow melt may flood rivers in the spring.

However, these clouds clearly didn’t know that. It rained Thursday. Rain poured down Friday. It rained like crazy Saturday. It rained Sunday morning.

At 12:30pm on Sunday, it was raining. I started carrying chairs under the pavilion and toweling them dry, so at least guests could sit down out of the rain. Lots of people pitched in and we were mostly smiling and joking. Several people said rain on the wedding day was good luck.

At 12:45pm (I looked at my watch) it stopped raining. By 12:50, exactly, the sun shone brightly and warmly, so I started moving chairs back out to either side of the carpeted path. Again, lots of people pitched in with lots of smiles.

At only a few minutes after 1pm, my sister and Travis got married. The preacher mentioned that there would be difficult times and they’d need to be patient with each other. They chose a unity candle as a symbol of their love and commitment.

Eight hours later, their basement flooded during yet another rainstorm. That first difficult time didn’t take long to happen, but they made it through that just fine, generally being patient with each other. “Weather the storms” isn’t usually quite so literal…. but it’s a good sign of a lifelong relationship. I wish them the best.

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