Seedlings! Part 4

Here’s a measure of progress, pictures of the same seedlings, now about 35 days after planting.

the first radishes (gone!) tasted great

42 days for the carrots (a bit over halfway, in theory)

7 days for the new radishes and zucchini seedling.

I’m hoping for so many vegetables that I have to give some away, but turns out, I can’t do it alone.  Containers dry out quickly, so if I go out of town, I’ll need to ask a neighbor to water the plants (every day it doesn’t rain.)  Nature might not cooperate.   Freak storms, berserk lawn care crew, rabid rabbits, or a plague of locusts could descend upon the plants.  There are no guarantees.  I could spend my time and effort but not see much results.

And yet.

It feels good to nurture the plants, and it’s fun to see their progress.  It’s at least a hobby, and a cheap one at that.  Further, what good is life if I’m so afraid of failing that I refuse to try?

Learn, grow, live.  And then  eat the vegetables.

The plants do most of the work

The plants do most of the work

Squash Hiding Container Garden Vegetable Garden

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