Seedlings! Part 3, Or, Growing Faster.

Here are some pics of my container vegetable garden, about 40 days after planting.  The plants grow so slowly we can’t see them do it (without time lapse photography, anyway.)  Yet there they go.  Huh.  Gradual effort so small we can’t even see it happening adds up over time…

You can spend a lot of time frustrated (like me sometimes) because you work hard but don’t see any results.  Maybe the results are happening and you just need look again, measure progress over a bit of time instead of just that instant.

I’ve already harvested most of the radishes (and enjoyed them and the young leaves in a lot of salads the last two weeks).  The first squash and tomatoes have set on, and I have plans (and buckets) for more vegetables along with some pollinator-attracting flowers.   I’m on city water, so each gallon is billed.  But the heavy rain that made me decide not to go get seedlings and dirt today also put a gallon and a half of free rain water into a small container, as well as heavily watering the plants.

So maybe find a way to track your progress, whether it’s snapshots you can compare over time, or a gold coin in a jar for a day’s work well done, or squares colored in on a bar graph, etc.   Anything where you can come back in a week or a month and see.

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