In Praise of Snailmail

On this fine Easter Sunday, here’s a tribute to snail mail.

Actual letters.  Ink on paper.  Words written on a page, sealed into an envelope, and delivered very nearly to the door.

Most of my nieces live in South Dakota.  (My honorary niece lives in N.C.)  Angelina is 14; Celeste is 9.

They hand-wrote me real letters, which recently made my day.

How can paper compete in a world of instant messaging, instagram, facebook, texting, smart phones, video chat, and the latest gadget of which I’m unaware?

Because I can put the letters on the fridge, for starters.  Because I can hold the letters.  Because those sweet girls took the time, the effort that a handwritten note required.

Also, I really like our slow-motion conversations.  Mom and I are flying out to South Dakota this summer (and everyone’s excited.)  But writing letters (I mailed mine back yesterday, complete with sketches of seedlings) lets us stay in touch.

I’m not a Luddite; all those other ways that people stay in touch with each other are great.  I enjoy talking with my sister and the girls on the phone, and lots of people use lots of ways to bridge the distances separating them.

Just remember how much you enjoy hearing from people you care about, and maybe shoot someone a text today, like a comment  on facebook, or phone a friend.

Or… write a short letter.

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2 Responses to In Praise of Snailmail

  1. That is so sweet! I still have a sign that says “I love you!” with a drawing that my nephew (Sev’s sister) sent us when he was about 3. He lives about ten miles away. Nate and Vickie also sent me a picture of Connor when he was born…that was sweet! I love kid stuff.

    • ghunterhanks says:

      Excellent… Most kids like crafty stuff, so my sister spends some time with the girls making little things out of construction paper or kits or writing letters for people. As long as I write back, they’re encouraged to keep doing it. Maybe you could write/make some little thing for the young people and see if they respond. Could be fun!

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