Weather the Storm (Adversity Pt 2)

I wrote awhile back about adversity, about how bad events make life seem as if it will never get better.

It got better.

Life seems to usually be a bewildering mix of events.  Even calling them bad or good is simplifying.   For example, most things teach us something, even if unpleasant, or bring us closer to people, or something.   Winning an all expense paid, month-long vacation to the dream destination might be the chance of a lifetime, but it has  opportunity costs of whatever is left undone for that month.

More important than waiting for better events is a person’s outlook.  Hope.  Few people have completely tranquil lives, but some people achieve a tranquility, a self-confidence that they can weather the storms and keep growing.

I did weather the storms.  Not with  zen-like calm.  Still working on that.  But that feeling that things would always be bad was an illusion then, and it’s gone now.

So if you’re going through stuff now, don’t waver in your hope.  Or at least believe that hope will return.  And remember.  You’ve weathered storms before.  You’ll weather the current storm, too.

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One Response to Weather the Storm (Adversity Pt 2)

  1. I’m not sure about the things going on in your life but one thing that has always kept me (relatively) sane is hope. I might not think of it, but there’s always a better day. If nothing else, there are some times when there’s no other way it *can* go but up. If that makes sense. Have a good day!

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