Spring, Almost

After some really gusty wind (the tornadoes missed us), Spring has arrived, almost.   Bright sun, clear skies, and milder weather.  Hurray!  Enough ice for everyone.

One of things I’m looking forward to is planting a vegetable garden.  The new apartment has a (small) patio with lots of full sun.  It’s just a slab of concrete, really, but it’s mine, and the containers fit nicely.   Last weekend, I set up containers, mixed and loosened the dirt, and found stakes.   Everything is ready for seeds or seedlings this weekend.

Zucchini or yellow squash?  Sandwhich- or salad-size tomatoes?  Should I try some green beans, the type that grow more bushy than running vines?   Cucumbers, romaine lettuce, carrots, radishes.  A potential rainbow.

Maybe it will just be a fun hobby that gets me outdoors a bit, or maybe I’ll eat really healthy this summer.   Unless deer live nearby and eat the vegetables.  If I get to eat less vegetables because of deer, then I’ll eat more venison.

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