My mom’s coming home from physical therapy in assisted living.  She had the flu.  She took a decongestant for several days.  The medicine sent her blood pressure way too high until she had a stroke.  Lost most of the use of her left leg and arm.  No part of that hasn’t sucked, btw.

But she’s energetically and stubbornly worked hard at the physical therapy while pretty much accepting the indignities.   She’s steady enough on her feet and strong enough with her grip again that she can live at her house, which is what she wants.   Friends will drive for her for awhile, and then the doctor can help decide if she can drive.

Still in the middle of this, I’m not sure what conclusions to draw… perhaps I’ll leave that up to you.  Inexplicable things happen?   Persevere?   Pay attention to your blood pressure?


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2 Responses to Arriving

  1. How long ago was this again? It’s amazing how far someone can come from a stroke, especially to be considering driving! And living on her own! I’ll bet she’s really excited about that! I wish you all well.

    As for “messages”, perhaps all of the above. Or…I remember you didn’t believe in God, but perhaps He had a hand in her recovery. I think I told you about the awful wreck I otherwise wouldn’t have lived through. Just my thought; do with it as you will.

    Good “talking” with you!

    • ghunterhanks says:

      Wandered back in today… slow on the blogging, not ignoring! Let’s see, stroke was just after New Year’s, back to her own home Feb 19th. Her underlying health is good (the stroke was a side effect of medicine) and she’s very determined. Anyway, peace

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