Three Wishes/Thanksgiving Part 2

So what am I thankful for?


1) Health, well enough to work and enjoy life

2) Wealth (in comparison).  There’s enough food in the house for dinner tonight, and indoors is  much warmer than outdoors.

3) Happiness.  Bad things do happen, and I get frustrated sometimes, too.  No rosy glasses here.  But life is fun and full of exciting challenges. I have the choice among several fun things to do with some of my time.  Friends and family are doing well (overall).  My cousin and her newborn son are healthy after a difficult delivery, and her husband is there to help raise his son.  I get to talk and visit with friends and family.

Of course I have goals, dreams, ambitions.   Even without the magical assist, I can energetically pursue them.   I wish you the same blessings.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Peace.

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