Honorary Family

In an earlier post, I mentioned honorary family.    These are friends who are like brothers to me.   A niece.  A second mom.   An aunt and uncle who have literally left the door unlocked for me.   Others.  People who would drop everything to help, if I really needed it, and I’d do the same for them.   I’m fortunate and thankful.

I hope that you have someone like that in your life, at least one person who isn’t related but has the best qualities of family.  Be good to that person.  You won’t always agree, but an honest disagreement doesn’t damage the bond.   Actually, be good to family, whether related by blood or love.   It takes some effort to stay in touch if you don’t live close by.   As Christmas time brings lots and lots of ads for stuff for presents, remember something.  It’s the stuff that matters the least, and the presence that matters the most.

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