Shout Out

My college brother Ski makes amazing glass art:  animals, plants, marbles, all of melted colored glass.  He’s been at this awhile now, patiently learning, improving, going to shows, and never giving up.  He talks about how working with the glass puts him in the zone.  He was telling me yesterday how the camaraderie  among the artists and the positive energy of the visitors kept him upbeat despite his very tired feet.

I keep writing about how small, steady steps add up to big progress.  I write a lot about following my dream, about the cognitive flow that occurs when we practice a skill that we enjoy, and about having some fun along the way.  This morning, it occurs to me that Ski’s weekend is a good example.  Actually, it walloped me over the head.


Ski is spending his weekend at a three day, major, juried art show, The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival.   It’s a big deal to get in, with a selection process, and it’s considered one of the best shows in the country.  The organizers give some big prizes for best art in each category, and Saturday, Ski took second place for  a vortex marble.   Here’s an example:

vortex marble

His website is Ruminski Glass.

So if you’re out there struggling towards a goal, keep going.   It doesn’t always happen as fast as I want, but occasionally life offers some validating milestones, often just when you really need them.  Stay on your path.


P.S.  My college buddies aren’t actually my brothers, but I think of them as honorary family.




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