Moment of Beauty

The other day I was stomping around at the community college where I work. After a long day at work with lots of essays still to grade, I felt frustrated and aggravated, like I was spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. As I walked down the hallway near a larger lecture room, I realized I was hearing really good music, live. The song was familiar, too. I stopped to listen for a moment trying to figure out where it was coming from.


It turns out the song was “Stay” by Rihanna. There was a sign on the wall announcing chorus practice, so I guess this was part of practice (or maybe just for fun).   Mystery solved! Then I just listened. The singer was a strong and pretty alto accompanied by one piano. She hit every note; perhaps she played the piano as well, or someone else did. I smiled.


I didn’t interrupt. I didn’t go in and disrupt rehearsal no more than you’d pick every flower along your path. However, just stopping and listening for a moment helped me regain my balance. The song ended; I headed onward. Here was beauty in the world created mostly just for the sheer joy of singing. Life’s little gifts are everywhere. You can enjoy them… if you’re not too busy stomping around to notice.

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One Response to Moment of Beauty

  1. Hi! It’s Shannon from Raleigh…anyway, I agree with how sometimes the most beautiful things can be easily missed if we’re not careful…the sun through fall leaves, my tabby cat’s patterns and how no two are exactly alike, etc…

    Anyway, Dave pointed me toward your page. Have a good day!

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