Proactive Problem-Solver vs the Muddle, Part 1

A good friend recently told me that I fix things, that I try to make them better. Yup, that’s true. Sometimes the attempt goes very, very wrong of course. I tackle projects head on. My resume might read, “proactive, takes initiative, solves problems.” I set goals, track progress, and check tasks off the list. I try to leave people a little better than I found them. I want to help make things better. This is part of why teaching is a calling, part of why teaching appeals to me. The idea of people making some improvements in their lives and my small part of that process really, really appeals to me.


I’ve learned through many experiences that if I want something done, I need to do it myself. More advanced wisdom I’ve learned recently is to work in teams, families, and partnerships. People are a lot more effective in groups. They work towards common goals or mutual goals, some form of helping each other. Interdependence is a good thing, but I’ve learned over and over and over that the desired results require my own effort, always, and some help, usually.

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One Response to Proactive Problem-Solver vs the Muddle, Part 1

  1. Great stuff Mr. Hanks! Keep up the good work!

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