“Russell Beagle and the Case of the Midnight Visitors”

I’m having a lot of fun writing about Russell Beagle, a paranormal investigator slowly discovering the magic hidden just out of sight in the modern world.  Here’s a bit from the website I edit:

Welcome to an interactive story where you decide the protagonist’s action and success. When prompted, click on the link to make your choice.

Saturday, April 27, Asheville, NC                                                    Case #RB17 Possible Benevolen Infestation
Russell Beagle, L.P. I.

A wealthy landowner has hired you to investigate whether or not his large, wooded estate is infested with magical beings. Late at night, he’s seen men moving around in his extensive backyard, but they vanish before he or the cops can get close. Although the stocky figures haven’t broken in or done any damage yet, your client wants them stopped before they do.

Arriving at the scene in the late afternoon, you notice that most of the backyard, beyond the shed and patio, has been left wild. Wildflowers and small trees are allowed to grow amid many lumpy granite boulders, mostly people-sized. Gravel paths wind among the boulders, dotted with flower pots and a couple of Greek-inspired statues. There are a few footprints, but the gravel paths are designed for people to walk without getting muddy. You ask the client several questions without learning anything more. Initial survey and interview completed, you set up some monitoring equipment, borrow a small room to watch from, and stake out the place.

Around midnight, the microphones pick up what sounds like movement in the backyard. The quarter moon casts only a little light, and nothing shows on the screens, so you decide to take your flashlight and check it out in person. Walking down one of the gravel paths, you pause near some of the boulders. They look different by flashlight, arranged in new patterns. Then you hear a sound from the path ahead.

Do you:

Go towards the noise? or
Take a closer look at the rocks?

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