What A Blur!

Fall semester classes started last week. I’ve helped many people learn how to write and communicate better, but most of the pieces were new. New students always bring their own challenges. In addition, this fall brings a new prep, new textbook, several software systems, all new or much changed, and a new book.


I told students two things: 1) I know what they need to do to pass this and the next class and 2) all of the pieces are new to me too, so I’ll make a lot of silly mistakes and we can figure it out together.


I could’ve pressured myself or pretended, and then I would’ve looked really silly when I failed to find the button or the page in the book. Not pretending or requiring perfection frees up lots of energy to get the work done. Best of all, students often do what I do. Now they’ve already seen me doing my best, admitting my errors, and making it better. That’s exactly how students and writers learn best. And everybody else, too.


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