What’s Your Focus? Part 1

Today I walked outside with my digital camera.  I knocked down a wasp nest near the door that I sprayed a few days ago.  I watered the cucumbers, which look rough because some bugs ate a lot of the leaves.  Then I looked at the butterfly bushes and saw a monarch butterfly and two small brownish ones feeding.  I also saw a few leaves on the driveway and some blackberries getting ripe.

We choose what we focus on, and holding the camera made me more aware of that choice.  I took pictures of the beauty (that I perceived): butterflies, flowers, and blackberries.  I chose not to photograph the ordinary driveway or the ugly to me wasp nest and bug-eaten cucumber leaves.

All of the above have their places and purposes, and all of my perceptions about beauty were based on my own ideas at least as much as reality.  I didn’t ignore the wasp nest; since wasps are dangerous and the nest was near the door, I made a choice about how to deal with them.  I’ll use the leaf-blower on the driveway at some point.  But the things I perceived as nature’s beauty made me happy, so I focused on them.


Here are a few of the nature pictures… more later.

Monarch butterfly on butterfly bush butterfly2 butterfly3




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