Re-dedication, Part 2

Yes, I do want to follow my dream. Absolutely, emphatically. It’s important to ask that question occasionally. “What is my dream?” and “Do I still want to follow it?”

Even if the answers have changed, there’s no bad. Life happens. People change. But if the answer is yes, then every once in a while I need a renewal. I need to remind myself of my goal and set my energy to it again. I need to remember and maybe even declare out loud my reasons for doing such a thing, what I hope to gain, and why it matters. Lots of other things come to my attention daily, so re-dedication helps bring my goals and dreams back to my attention.


Maybe you’re feeling like the daily press of life has let you slip into spending less time and energy on something that you thought was important. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you still want to do it. If not, that’s okay. You can choose to replace it with another goal, also your own, something else worth your time and energy. We all learn as we go.

If you still want to follow that dream or goal, then it may help to remind yourself why and to rededicate yourself to it. Take very, very small steps, but remind yourself of the big picture.

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