Rededication, Part 1

Dedication is important. We all start out with goals. We have these grand plans and make good progress with the best of intentions. Time goes by.


Six months later, I find myself not making nearly as much progress as earlier. I haven’t forgotten the goal. Usually, other things keep getting in the way, and I plan to do better tomorrow. Only something else happens tomorrow.


About this time last year I dedicated myself to writing for a living. Since then, I’ve made a lot of progress pursuing that dream. I’m visualizing my dream and identifying small steps much better now. I know I can sustain the productivity needed long-term.


But I’m not making as much progress this summer as I used to. Teaching part-time takes time and energy. Howerver, I had also lost some focus; the dream got crowded with daily details.


So I asked myself a scary question. “Do I still want to follow my dream?” I have other options. For example, a return to full-time teaching would bring a steadier paycheck.


Next time, the answer…

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One Response to Rededication, Part 1

  1. ghunterhanks says:

    Really gratifying to have someone read and like this right after I posted it! Thanks

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