3-D Printers, or When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality


The newest 3-D printers fascinate me. They’ve been around awhile, especially in manufacturing, but the new-improved and the potential have gotten more notice lately. You can find a good explanation of them at How Stuff Works.


The printers used to be science-fiction… now they’re reality. Cool. Scary.


Technology is a force multiplier. Even since Gurk the Caveman picked up a rock, tech has been increasing the effectiveness of our actions. Notice that the tech itself is neutral, neither good nor evil. Gurk might have hunted dinner with his rock, built a hut with a lot of them, or bashed his romantic rival over the head. People decide how to use the technology, and people’s actions and hearts lean them towards good or evil.


Here are a few sci-fi “inventions” that later became reality… you decide how we’ve been using them:



CCTV (I’ll show my bias on this one by mentioning George Orwell’s 1984)


And 10 more at the Smithsonian Magazine.






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