Of Racoons and Roses

Earlier this spring, racoons moved into my house.  A female racoon found a way into the joists between the first and second floors.  And then had babies.


How do I know, you ask?  The babies squeak.  And anything moving on drywall ceiling sounds like an elephant.  It was… unpleasant.  Then the racoon-removal expert asked them to leave politely.  How?  With the scent of a predator to scare them into moving.  They moved a little… from the ceiling over the bathtub to the ceiling over my computer in the living room.   “The situation”, as the senior Dr. Jones noted, “has not improved.”   Plan B involved traps and cutting holes in my ceiling to get the babies out.  It was done humanely by the expert.   The whole process took about 10 days, and I believe workers invited out to the house work better if I’m there and at least watching, so I was almost as tired as the worker.   Instead of writing much each morning, I spent time helping check for holes big enough for a coon to get in, etc, and learning what I could.  I started out with a pretty good attitude of life is a challenge and this is a problem to be solved.   I ended up with furniture shoved out of the way, feeling disrupted and much put upon.  (That’s the only whining you’ll hear about it.)


But the morning I was feeling most dejected, I walked out and saw the roses blooming.  I counted 50 on the trellis.   Bad things are going to happen.  So will good things.  I don’t suggest ignoring the problems that we can tackle, but we can choose to focus on.

IMG_0833 IMG_0831 IMG_0836 IMG_0838

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