What’s important?  Actions that move us toward our goals.  What goals do I set?  Mile-markers and checkpoints for achieving my dream.  What’s my dream?  Live comfortably, in balance, writing the stories I want to for people who want to read them.  There’s even a dream house, which is about enough land that I can’t hear the neighbors dogs barking  (at least while I’m indoors!), growing most of my own food in the garden, arbor, and orchard, and low-energy/some renewable power.


And yet.


Two of my nieces (Celeste is 8 and Angelina entered high school this year) took the time and effort to write me letters.  Actual letters, on real paper.  With hand-drawn pictures.  And a little construction-paper Easter egg.  ( Now, like most males, I don’t fawn or coo over cute things, but even I think that’s adorable.)  And they’re both very smart and thoughtful, so letters are interesting slow-motion conversations.


More to the point, though, they made the effort… which means I took the effort to write them back.  Wrote their older sister and their mom notes, too.  Maintaining and building relationships with the people we love is vital.  It’s easy to overlook, however, in the press to achieve our other goals.  Be good to the people who love you.  Add it as a goal, even.  Peace.




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