Progress Report (or Ramble)

Summer semester at the community college starts tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to teaching some while still revising the life advice book.   The way the class schedule fell out (teachers as you may know, don’t always get to pick!) means I won’t be able to attend Toastmasters meetings this summer.    I’m also a subject-matter expert (reviewer) for some online classes being created… as we speak.  Looks like the content creators will get me half the content right about the time of my deadline.  That’s higher pressure than I planned, but it’ll be alright.  The cucumbers are blooming.   I’ve learned a lot of ways not to grow vegetables (to paraphrase Edison), and I’m doing what I can think of to grow more this season.   People can be positive and energetic about what they have and what they can do, or negative.  Positive and energetic thought create a much better attitude, which tends to create progress and results, which are productive and fun.   People choose what to focus their thoughts on.  They choose their responses and actions.   So it’s really up to you!

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2 Responses to Progress Report (or Ramble)

  1. nancy says:

    HI Greg, where re you teaching?

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