The Connected Life, Part 2

How do people make that wonderful flash of inspiration happen more often? One way is to live a connected life. Here’s part of what I mean.


I write and teach English, which is really about communication (you know, writing, reading, speaking, and listening.) Recently, when I was struggling with writing, I remembered what I had taught my students about writing. That flash of inspiration was really just remembering something from one life role and applying the same lesson as a writer.


People probably can’t guarantee inspiration this way, but they can really increase their chances of that breakthrough insight if they bring all of themselves to the table. Instead of compartmentalizing all the pieces of life, people gain effectiveness by connecting those roles.

My students know I write because I share with them some of my struggles in the task I’m asking them to undertake. They know I’m in Toastmaster’s Club and that I keep a vegetable garden. The club members know I teach and write and garden, and people following my blog… get the idea. One wonderful way that ideas happen occurs with the connections between these different parts of life. Since I don’t live life in a series of separated boxes, I’m not walling off parts of my mind from other parts as much. Seeing the daily growth of radishes, for example, may inspire an idea for a story or a speech or a student’s progress.


The really wild bonus to this is that my students benefit from me being a writer as much as I as a writer benefit from teaching! More next time.

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