The Connected Life, Part 1

I love those light bulb moments when the synapses fire in a coherent path.   Here’s the most recent example.


I’m back in production for Celebrate Your Wins, writing as much as I can in the brief lull after spring semester ends before summer semester starts.   A couple days ago, I was really struggling to decide what goes into that book (versus good ideas that go into its sequel).  Stuck.  It felt like I had most of the content in at least rough draft form, but the book felt incomplete.  Stuck.  Then I remembered what I’ve spent spring semester teaching my students in our expository writing class.

How do you tell when your essay writing is complete?  You’ve supported your thesis.   How do you know what goes in the paper? You write what will support your thesis. What do you do if the content and thesis don’t match?  Change the content or change the thesis.  FLASH OF INSIGHT!!!  I needed to tackle a somewhat smaller thesis for the first book of the series.
Now that’s cool for progress on the book, but how do you make that flash of inspiration happen more often? More on that next time.

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