Russell Beagle, L.P.I. Soon!

Last week,  you may have read that I was determined to start an interactive short story featuring Russell Beagle, the licensed paranormal investigator.  I wrote the story on pieces of paper so I could map the flow of readers’ choices that affect the path of the story.    The usual writing process continued, with some extra time checking to make sure all the story branches work.


I filed registration with the copyright office (gotta love the electronic deposit).  The next day I went to the Validus Paranormal Investigations website and puzzled how to add everything in.  I made progress with the drop-and-drag editor until I wanted to link to a file that itself contained links.   I banged my head against that for awhile.  (“Indie author” sometimes feels like “ad hoc degree in hodgepodge of more vaguely related skills than you can shake a stick at”.)


The very next day, a colleague offered to help.   We both teach English at the community college, but her other degree includes website design.   She saw a quick, easy way to get this set up.    With her help, the interactive story should be on the website soon.  (I’ll thank her by name later, so she doesn’t feel obligated if something in her schedule goes awry.)

Lots of people are willing to help if asked.    I keep relearning this lesson!  We’re all more successful working in teams and partnerships.   Of course I’m hoping to learn something,  and of course if she later needs some help, I’m likely to reciprocate.  But how many times do we all muddle through something alone when we could have made each others’ days much easier?




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