Lightning Strikes Twice, Part II

I recently posted that now you can get my urban fantasy novel as an ebook and read it on a multitude of  (really cool) devices (all those slick phones and tablets and whatnot).

If you’re keeping track, that’s three ebook titles and two as print books.  Those numbers represent repeatability; the stories so far are just the beginning.  Right now, I need to also teach to get money, but I can follow my dream.  More success brings more time and energy to focus on writing, which brings readers more stories, faster.   There’s room to grow.  But I’m following my dream.  

Wow, hard work.

Wow, scary sometimes.

Wow, fulfilling.

Best decision I ever made.

Perhaps you’re already following your dream.  If so, you rock!  If not, then thoughtful steps can move you in the right direction.   Some of that advice will be spelled out in my non-fiction book (back in progress next).

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2 Responses to Lightning Strikes Twice, Part II

  1. nancy says:

    HI Greg, way to go. I haven’t read them yet, but you are doing great. No, kindle, etc . but i’m happy to know that i canget print copies.


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