You Can Get Lightning Strikes Twice as an Ebook!

You Can Get Lightning Strikes Twice as an Ebook!  It’s available now for the Kindle and any devices that can read Kindle files, or you can get the print version through Amazon.

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When a sword-swinging ghost tries to kill Jason and Rayn, they realize their efforts to help good people have come to the attention of some serious evil. The main characters troubleshoot for the benevolen, good people of all self-aware species. They’ve become increasingly effective, so the forces of evil hire an assassin to stop them. They use their wits, swords, and elemental magic to fight, and their love gives them strength until the killer uses it against them. When the killer and his hired squads target their friends and families, everyone must stand together to try to end the killer, permanently. Thrilling battles, samurai duels, and electrifying magic lead to a tragic sacrifice. Set in modern Asheville, NC where most magic occurs just out of sight, this full-length urban fantasy novel sets the record straight about what really happened to Jason, Rayn, and their friends.


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