Russell Beagle Is on the Case!

At the Ren Faire, my friend Ski and I offered people a bit of a treasure hunt with a story about Russell Beagle, a man working for Validus Paranormal Investigations.   He hunts magical beings in our mundane world, believing them to be dangerous to ordinary citizens.  Now I’m getting good advice and just bubbling over with ideas about how to 1) make the game better and 2) tell a lot more stories about Russell Beagle.  Like any good character, Russell has a lot more good stories!

(check out the website)

Also, I’m formatting for the Kindle version of Lightning Strikes Twice… stay tuned!

After that, I’ll get back to working on Celebrate Your Wins, the life-lessons and advice book.

And the sequel… and Bee Sanders has more stories and would make a great short film… and some more short stories are shaping up nicely… and Vivienne and Thomas want more stories about them, too… and… and… and…

and… it’s much better to have more ideas than time, but I better get cracking!

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