Ren Faire!

I finished up yesterday with the Renaissance Faire, and wow, it was great!  Why?

  • People    Saturday was damp, very windy (15mph), and stupid cold (45.  In March.  In FLORIDA)   But people were happy.  Blue and shivering, but cheerful and enjoying their day.   They spent time and money to hang out with us!
  • Fellowship  The other vendors and performers were friendly and supportive.  Our organizers are skilled, practiced professionals who also made time to stop by and chat.
  • Fans!  The hardest thing about being an indie author is just getting the word out, so it’s always validating when enthusiastic new acquaintances want autographs.
  • Fun and games  This was the debut of our location based story.  (Long-time friend Ski has come up with a great idea here.)  People were excited to play and had fun with the scavenger hunt side even without smart phones to read the story.  As a side note, we chose a Paranormal Investigator theme.  We managed perhaps a bit too much realism in the game, as a LOT of people came up asking me if I investigated locally.    I explained that I just write the fiction; the real thing is way too spooky for me to hunt!  I heard a lot of great ghost stories though!


So big thank you to Sadie, Ashur and the Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire.  Big thanks to Chris Ruminski, who came up with such a great way to get people interacting with my writing and his glass art.  (And hosting me over the weekend.)  And big thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat, listened to me talk about my books, took a card to follow up by finding my books on Amazon, and who bought books!

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