“At Least We Remembered to Live”

While watching Ken Burns’ documentary on the National Park system, I’ve heard lots of great quotes.   A fairly ordinary (though articulate) couple who visited a lot of the national parks in the 20’s and 30’s wrote about their travels.  (I can’t remember the names and have already mailed the disc back.)  The wife, in her journal, wrote about the peace in nature that reminded her and her husband what was important.  She recorded something to the effect of “let other people hoard their gold and their land… at least we remembered to live.”

I’ve been really busy these last few weeks, pushing really hard to get Lightning Strikes Twice into print before the Ren Faire.  This weekend was more of the same, but it was beautiful outside.   I went out to check the fluids in the car.  The bright sun shone intensely in a clear blue sky, while a playful breeze and chilly air kept it from being too warm.    The first spring birds were singing.  I just stopped for a few minutes, closing my eyes and turning my face up to be warmed by the sun.   Then I exercised outdoors for a change, too, anything to stay out a while longer.

I got a lot done today.  I caught up on chores, did useful things, gathered tax documents, and did small things to promote the book.  All of it fits into the dream, all of it is part of the plan.  Busy, busy, busy.  But I think an older self might remember it differently, might remember that little bit where “at least I remembered to live.”


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