New Semester Tomorrow

Classes start tomorrow.  I’m teaching and tutoring part-time in writing and reading.  Turns out, teaching is a calling, and I miss it.   Students get good-quality help with improving their skills, which translates into better success in other courses, career, and life.  I get balance in life and bills paid… everybody wins!

But I’m also glad I took time off from teaching.  It helped me establish a routine and rhythm as a writer.   It’s built my confidence because it was long enough to hit a few snags, rough spots, and low points… but I made it through still writing.  That’s the  (mostly) full-time career, and that’s a calling, too.  Now, I see myself as a writer who teaches and makes some art, too.  And gardens and sings and a bunch of other things…   Before, I was a teacher who writes a bit on the side.   Either career is worthwhile and meaningful.  Neither collects everything I am into one little description.

I begin to see why Robert Fulghum has handed out business cards with only the word “Fulghum” on them.  We’re a lot more than just a job description, even a thorough one.    And some, maybe even most, of our worthwhile activities aren’t how we get money.  So don’t let any job descriptions  limit who you are.

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