Lightning Strikes Twice on its Way!

Soon you can read a new full-length urban fantasy novel!

Donning my journalism hat… answering the 5w’s:

What:  It’s an urban fantasy set in modern-day Asheville, NC.  When a sword-swinging ghost tries to kill Jason and his girlfriend Rayn, they realize that their efforts to help good people have come to the attention of some serious evil.

Who: Yours Truly!

Where: CreateSpace for the print version and Amazon for the ebook version.   Sorry, Nook fans.  I’m planning to put “Bee Sanders and the Cornucopia” on the Nook for free to learn the process, but that hasn’t happened yet.

When: By March, 2013.  Well, hopefully.   It isn’t like I have a staff of 20 people with mortgages that I can yell at and make work overtime to meet some arbitrary deadline.   And I swear right now never to do that even if at some point I employ people.

Why: People need worthwhile entertainment.   I need to write.  I need to pay the bills.   Everyone wins!

and the other good reporter question, how:  thanks to the support and work of a lot of people.  It takes a village to raise an indie author.   More details in the novel dedication.


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