Where’s the Balance? Part 2

The earlier post asked how to balance between absorption in the task and adaptation. Too much focus on how much time and energy the task should take can make people lazy (ahead) or frustrated (behind). Ignoring comparisons to expectations can let people blindly continue the same unhelpful actions. So where’s the balance?

This is really about using feedback effectively. Tricky. Sometimes it’s challenging to filter out the signal from the noise. Is the obstacle just part of life, or is there a better route to take? For example, the swimmer is tired. Is that because the swimmer has reached his or her distance for the day? Or is it because the swimmer needs to learn a more efficient stroke? Or refine the existing stroke? Would more arm strength help? Maybe some weightlifting on land should be part of the training. Or maybe today’s time and distance make a personal best. Life offers all these bits of info, but what conclusions should we draw from them? And do we need to adapt, or keep doing what we’re doing?

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