What is your meaningful activity today?

Today I started revising my next book (the non-fiction book of advice about how to live happier, healthier, and more productively.)  I figured out shipping for postage stamp collages.  (Come to find out, finding boxes to fit 11×14 framed pictures is hard.  But I’m feeling good because I solved shipping before opening the Etsy store.)  I gathered and boxed all my art for transport for the arts and craft show this Sunday.  (See the earlier post.)  Then I ran five needed errands.   After this, I’ll play a game, water the indoor vegetable garden, and exercise.


Point is, all of those activities are worthwhile because they need doing.  And several (writing and art related) are really meaningful because they bring my dream a bit closer to reality.  Today is a good day because I did at least one meaningful task.  So, what’s your meaningful task today?  Most people are really busy, too busy.  A lot of the day happens on someone else’s schedule.   But what have you done or will you do today that’s really worth doing?   Partly this question is about seeing the meaning and value in what you do, and partly it’s about choosing activities that make life feel more meaningful.  And maybe you’ve figured out way more than I have on this!

This is really about living more in balance… look for advice in my upcoming book.

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