Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving.  Emotions follow thoughts.  People who think positively, who choose to focus on the positive, are happier, healthier, and more productive.  It’s not a magic cure-all, but it works, and you can find a lot of psychological evidence to support it.   Choosing to dwell on the good things doesn’t mean ignoring the hardships, setbacks, or wrongs.  But focusing on the ability to take action to improve the situation is a lot healthier and empowering than focusing on the bad stuff.   And spending a few minutes today appreciating well, anything, will make you feel a bit better…  unless you deliberately set yourself to stay in a bad mood.1

Here’s the big secret: what works today often works tomorrow.  So perhaps a few minutes appreciating anything tomorrow might help you feel a bit better tomorrow, too.  Wait, of course you knew that already!

1But what about reality?  It’s there either way.  People’s thoughts change their attitudes, and attitudes change their actions.  People’s actions change their realities.  Clearly events out of their control happen, but people choose their responses.  People’s responses and actions affect not only themselves but everyone they come into contact with, with never-ending ripples in the ocean of humanity.  No one can suspend gravity, but someone can help someone back to his or her feet.   So appreciate the good moments and try to help improve what needs it.   We’re all in this together.

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