Honor the Warranty!

Let’s see if the corporation honors its warranty!

Short form of a long story: My leaf blower quit working after 4 months and less than 1 gallon of gas/oil used.  The leaf blower, made in the U.S. by a major manufacturer, came with a 2 year warranty (repair or replace for free, except for abuse or expendable parts.   The help desk people insisted that they couldn’t repair or replace for free b/c it was fuel related, or an expendable part, or something.    The warranty doesn’t read like that, I actually did RTFM before using the blower, and nothing is expendable after so little use.  The only thing the help desk supervisor would do was give me the address, actual snail mail address, of corporate HQ, without even a name to personalize the letter.

So I wrote corporate.  I know they can choose to honor the promise the corporation made.  We all know the word of mouth, whatever the resolution, is worth way more than the price of a new blower.   Someone signed for the letter on Monday, Nov 5th.   It’s not the money that matters to me; I’d happily buy any OTHER brand blower at three times the cost of the repairs as stated by the local service dealer.
I didn’t say which company on purpose because I try hard to link only love.  But this is a matter of principle, and I’m tilting at this windmill.  Whatever the end results, someone at this corporation will hear at least one small voice asking them to keep the promise they made the consumers with the warranty.   Stay tuned!

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