Still swinging (Sports Metaphor!)

My batting average, quite frankly, has been terrible lately. I’m not blaming anyone. I did permit myself one minute of self-pity yesterday while on the bench again, but then I got back in the game. Right now, Murphy is the relief pitcher for the opposing team, and he’s just on fire these last few days! He’s got an (apparently) untiring arm with wicked curve-balls, crazy heat, sneaky change-ups, and subtle sliders. That’s okay. Life is hard.

I’m still swinging. I’m batting smart. I ignore the junk balls. I try for every every one that will arrive in the strike zone. I’m swinging every time. I’m swinging hard and true, swinging to hit home runs. I intend to crush it out of the ballpark each and every time. When I think about it more, my batting average is still really good this season. It’s just my stats this inning are very low.

But I’ve trained for this.

I’ve practiced for this.

I’ll get through this inning.

Here’s my favorite baseball fact: Babe Ruth, famous for his amazing number of home runs, struck out more times than he hit home runs. A lot more.

I’m going to keep swinging!

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