More Vegetable Garden Insights

Earlier I posted that I needed patience and the vegetable garden would bear in good time.  And it is, but I got such a late start that it will frost soon.  The tomatoes and cucumbers are outdoors in containers, but the carrots and lettuce are inside in the greenhouse area.  Crazy thought: why not move the outdoor containers inside just before it frosts?  It might damage the plants, but the frost will clearly kill them.   They might not get enough light.  What do I lose that the frost wouldn’t take anyway?
Again, this isn’t just about vegetables, though I am really enjoying tasty, chemical-free produce.  It’s empowering to feel like a producer of food (in a tiny way) instead of just a consumer.  But this vegetable garden has become wrapped up in my mind with succeeding as an indie author.   My steady efforts writing and publishing and marketing are beginning to bear a little fruit.   If I can keep going, I can succeed.  I know it, just like I know I can coax these plants to keep blossoming and growing.  (And a technical note, tomatoes and cucumbers can be pollinated by hand since the bees are going to stay outside.)
A couple of garden pics, and flowers I wouldn’t have noticed without going out to pick a cucumber for lunch:

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