Irons in the Fire Part 2

Here’s the balance that I’m reaching for. I’ve made following my dream of writing my highest priority. If it isn’t at the top then this is just a vacation or sabbatical, which is fine, but not the dream. Second priority is earning money. Ideally, that’s when people buy my writing, but I’m also having a lot of fun making art (stamp collages so far). I’ll teach or tutor, since I love those things as well. Third priority is about living comfortably and living in balance: home repair, exercise, gardening, music, more home repair, chores, errands, etc.


How many simultaneous projects? A handful. Partly because I don’t know exactly what steps will contribute to success. I’m trying several different strategies, especially with the marketing because that’s the part that comes least intuitively. However, each project costs time, energy, and resources, so the opportunity costs keep me from doing everything.


I need to ponder further to elaborate on this topic. I’m working on a nonfiction motivational book that elaborates on this and several other topics.

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