Irons in the Fire Part 1

My grandmother used to say, “too many irons in the fire.” You may already know that this expression concerns trying to do too many things at once and not applying enough energy to any of them. On the other hand, Oliver Cromwell said, “make the iron hot by striking,” which is about creating an opportunity.


I’m not sure exactly what I should be hammering away at. I have all these ideas about how to succeed writing for a living, but no clear indications for which ones lead to success. I can make some guesses. Terabytes of advice proliferate on the web, and respected friends offer good advise. Even imitating others’ success might not work, given the variety of places, times, and situations. If I spent all my effort on one thing which does not lead to success….


What balance should I be reaching for? Thoughts? More next time….

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