Fruits (Vegetables) of My Labors

Here’s an update about the vegetable garden insights.  A few days ago I posted that I’d put some work into a vegetable garden.  I could see some hopeful signs but hadn’t eaten any cucumbers yet.  Since then, I picked the first vegetable, a (smallish) cucumber.   It tasted great, partly because I knew I grew it (and knew it contained no chemicals, pesticides, genetically engineered mutations, etc.)

So steady work and patience do bear fruit.  Or vegetables.  Or fruits, since it bloomed.   Sometimes, whatever the taxonomy, this happens sooner than we can believe.    Maybe there’s something you’re working on that you haven’t seen results from… yet.  Hang in there!

The outdoor part of my vegetable garden, and the first cucumber of (my very late start) growing season.  The butterfly is just one of those beautiful things that happen all around us…

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