Success in a Changing World

The one sure thing about life is change. Life changes so people must adapt. A lot of people find one successful formula at some point in their lives. However, many people make the mistake of never adapting. Their situations change. Their surrounding, lives, goals, or needs change. If people refuse to adapt their success recipes, then the same actions that used to lead them to victory now cause abject failure. For example, at one point people could make a lot of money by flipping houses. Or the high school athletes who ate whatever they felt like but later became less active with slower metabolisms. As one more example, the former drill sergeant who tries to bring the exact same strategies to teaching chemistry, or vice versa.

It isn’t that people have lost their touch, or that earlier triumphs were flukes. No, they had working formulas earlier, but new situations require new approaches. People do their best when they remain alert and flexible, adapting without abandoning a strategy too soon. How, exactly? Still working on that.

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