Frustration and Productivity, Part 1

I used to live by to-do lists. How can people get much done unless they know what to do? I felt enormously successful crossing off lots of things, while I felt slack if I only crossed off a few.

After commenting on a friend’s facebook page, I realized how much that’s changed. Everyday I go to bed with some ideas about what I’m going to do tomorrow.1 Almost every day I get up and do completely different things, all useful, important, and timely. Except for the occasional lazy half-day, much work occurs. But sometimes one thing takes more time, or some unexpected challenge arises. (For example, one day I was leaving to shop for mini-blinds when the lock failed and the door would not lock. Another morning I sat down at the PC to blog, but the machine failed to boot. Not productive like I had planned, and setbacks can be frustrating.) Often the changes are because of other people. For example, if someone picks today to return my call about the part-time work or the window repairs, that of course becomes the priority.


1 Stephen Covey’s Four Quadrants really helps (see Time Management Parts 1 and 2).

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