Excitement and Terror in July, Part 1

July was a great month for writing! I’m following my dream of writing for a living. That remains my first priority (right along with publishing and marketing). The publishing and marketing confuse me much more, but I’m working on them too. In July alone, I started five different short stories of about 10 pages each (perhaps a personal record!) Three of the stories are almost completed. I need to look at them later with fresh eyes, and is writing ever really finished until someone helps revise it? The fourth is working up nicely, and the fifth is just barely started. I’m starting to feel good about the three closest to complete. I’m not going to put anything out there unless I’m proud of it, but I’m excited at their potential!

All this without slaving away obsessively (OK, not too obsessively) because I’m also working on many other projects like finding some part-time teaching, house repairs, gardening, etc. I started a website where people can find my published writing so far (check it out here)1. Part of the point is to live a balanced life! So there’s a bit of art and socializing and family in there too, and oh yeah, recreation. Exciting, intense, wonderful, and fulfilling.


1) Yes, I hope you click the link to see some of my writing! Unless you just hate the genres, you’d probably like it!

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