Settling In… Longest Video Game Ever!

I’m starting to settle into the new place.  Once I own a leaf blower, the back yard is going to be an amazingly wonderful place.  The thought of writing for a living is returning to exciting, back from “terrifying/am I insane?!!!”.  And this is the longest video game ever!

I’ve been (playfully) thinking of the 50 gazillion things to do as parts of a video game: challenging and motivating to win, but I can hit reset for a lot of things.  For example, finding the hardware store and buying mini-blinds (tedious chore).  But think of it as a video game and suddenly it’s:  New Navigational Challenge!  Special mini-game: stay under budgetBonus round: secure all hardware on first trip!  If I fail to find the store or they don’t have the mini-blind sizes I need, I can always reset by retrying another day or trying another store.   Putting them up is New Puzzle: Mini-Blind Assembly. 

This helps keep me in a good state of cognitive flow; the challenges are interesting but doable, there’s enough at stake I care, but it’s not too awfully stressful.  I need that good state of mind.  Since I’m working a LOT and not sleeping quite enough, there’s very little patience otherwise.  Cranky?  Who me?  Noo-ooo.  Anyway, it’s turned a lot of scutwork into the longest video game ever.

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