After Big Moving Day

Big Moving Day succeeded without major mishap.  Much appreciation to all who helped!

One of the hardest things about moving is that 50 things all need doing, right away.  Overwhelming!  No clear best place to start, either.  Once I can shower and sleep (shower curtain installed, bed reassembled), what comes next?  Kitchen for food? (or survive on travel food for another day?)  PC?  Music?  Utility closet because of all the cleaning?  Curtains?  And with a house that’s been empty awhile, everything requires cleaning before it can be done.

Most all of us have moved to a new place.  It will all get done.  Starting anywhere and making some progress will work out okay.  Efficiency is good, but any small thing will do to start.  And, just like usual, once I started somewhere it didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.  Longer, more tiring days than optimal, but it will all be fine.

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