Life in Balance as Stress Reduction Part 1

Living life in balance may be the opposite of stressing out. Stressors exist. Always. We have a great deal of choice and control in the matter, though. Some stress-inducing things can be avoided, but some stressors can’t be avoided, at least without unacceptable costs. But our freedom comes in how we deal with the stimuli. Many of the best ways to manage stress and restore equilibrium are parts of a balanced life! Whatever your life roles are right now, spending a balanced (not exactly equal, but well-proportioned) amount of time and energy among them creates the most fulfilling, healthy, and productive life possible.

For example, consider the parents who work so much that they miss a lot of raising and spending time with their kids. The parents are both stressed-out and out of balance, because they are concentrating (possibly by necessity, no judgment here) on one life role (work) at the expense of another (family member/parent). There’s at least a correlation here between more life-balance and less wearying, caustic tension. As another example, I felt positively challenged and energetic writing last summer. I wrote, studied, played, made music, exercised, and visited friends and family. Not just less stimuli that could cause stress, but better ways to cope, better attitude, and healthier living. More balance, less stressing out.

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