Committed at Last!

The new lease is signed, the utilities are set to start/stop, and the addresses are mostly updated. An increasing amount of my worldly possessions is packed in boxes…. Packing and scutwork and chores, oh my! Big moving day soon.

There’s still a ton of stuff to do, of course, but the feeling of limbo is gone, replaced with momentum towards clearly-defined goals (you know, progress.) It’s much easier when I can measure progress (boxes stacked, pages written, etc). More self-doubt than I wanted to admit is gone, too. Of course there will be moments of doubt. Quitting my full time, steady employment to write for a living is a risk, and it’s often human nature to doubt ourselves whenever we don’t have lots of evidence of success.   The planning and waiting are finally over, though.   I’m going to write the best I can and live more in balance while I do. This opportunity is a gift; not everyone gets a chance to follow his or her dreams.

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One Response to Committed at Last!

  1. clint....aka officer jackson says:

    I didn’t know you wrote. I love to read and I look forward to your work.

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