Stress Reduction Techniques


The single best stress reducer is exercise. I always feel better, and it works on multiple levels: physical benefits immediately (like lower blood pressure), feeling in control and capable, and better health for less stressful issues later . Currently I’ve even got a specific, dated goal: strength and cardio training to carry all those boxes on big moving day.

Another thing that lots of people find soothing is to work in the garden. My mom has started seedlings for a few vegetables. I’m very excited about transferring them to containers and gardening a little this summer. Tangible rewards for success, too!

Other good things for stress relief include:

  • listening to soothing music (Johnny Coltrane right now)
  • single point of concentration (a candle’s flame while counting breaths works well)
  • talking with friends
  • something fun like watching a light-hearted movie

Come to think of it, most of these things are ways or parts of living in balance or living well. Huh.  Living life in balance may be the opposite of stressing out. More on that soon!

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