Life in Transition

I’m smack in the middle of major life changes, and it’s … stressful.1  Not a complaint!  I’ve chosen to write for a living and to move back closer to family in N.C. while I do.  It will be a great, challenging, and much more balanced life than previously.  But right now is just the in-between.  I’ve stopped teaching for a living (income plummets!), but haven’t gotten settled into the new groove yet.  I’ve found a new place to life, but haven’t moved there yet.  Most of my worldly possessions are going into boxes in the next couple of weeks.  I’m determined to exercise more to be in better shape to tote those boxes.   My eating and sleeping patterns are wonky.   Tons of stuff needs doing and anything could go kerfluey.2

It will be alright.  I’ve needed to say that a few times the last couple of days.  It will be all right, I’ll write, alright?  This isn’t the first time I’ve changed situations in some way, and it’s worked out just fine, even great, in the past.  It will again, not exactly like planned, but sometimes the differences are even better than imagined.

Anyway, the point is that if you find yourself in transition, you might remind yourself that you’ve gotten through stress and changes before.  It will be alright.  Just stick to your course.


1 On the widely-used Holmes and Rahe stress scale, that currently adds up to a little over 200…  I can make it go higher!  Oh wait, low numbers are healthier… next time, stress management!

2  According to my friend Donna:   kerfluey [ker-flu-e] adj.  1.  lacking coherency or order 2. unraveled in inconvenient or mildly disastrous ways

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3 Responses to Life in Transition

  1. Good luck! And, I agree. I’m at a similar place in my life, but unlike you I haven’t yet had the guts to call it quits and start over.

  2. jean says:

    There is a saying about doors closing and windows opening. In my LONG life, this has happened several times. I had to step back, let dust fall, and THINGS happen….so far always to a better situation. My thoughts with you..JD

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